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NOVEMBER - Brusho Watercolour Workshop

-- RSVP to store required for booking! --
Jacksons Balcatta
Saturday 25th November
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Cost: $65
In this workshop June will demonstrate step by step how to paint a small underwater scene using Brusho watercolour.
Brusho is an exciting & unpredictable medium which produces vibrant results. Due to its crystal form it has unique properties that are inspiring, fast, and most of all fun!
There is minimal drawing involved and this workshop and is suitable for all abilities.
What to bring:
• Brushes: large, medium and small (and any of your favourites)
• A container for water
• A fine spray mist bottle
• 1/4 sheet or A4 watercolour paper 300gsm or heavier (I prefer
medium, but rough or smooth is fine if you prefer)
• Brusho watercolour paint
• A pencil
• A pair of disposable plastic/or rubber gloves
• An apron or old shirt
• Masking fluid
• Tissues or paper towel
• An old tea towel or small towel
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