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Masking Fluid

Art Masking Fluid: Should I use colourless or coloured masking fluid? 

Use coloured masking fluid if you wish to easily see where it is applied on the paper - this can make it easier at ‘clean up’ time if you have a lot of small areas of masking fluid. Use colourless masking fluid if you wish it to be a little less unobtrusive while working on your painting.

- Masking fluid makes a water resistant barrier to protect your watercolour paper and preserve the white areas by blocking watercolour washes from flowing into areas you want to leave white. Masking fluid will also leave crisp, clean edges. 

- Do not use on damp/wet paper. Masking fluid must be dry before painting over.

- Apply with an old brush. Wash brushes immediately after use in warm soapy water as it will dry quickly. 

- Remove as soon as possible after application. Peel off after painting is dry.