MM37 can be tinted with the addition of Matisse Ink or Matisse Flow Acrylic paint. Using ink will maintain transparency and a glossy finish, while the use of acrylic paint will make the final result more opaque and less glossy.
Only a small amount (less than 10%) of either paint or ink is required. As this product is white in the container, the addition of colour will initially produce a pastel blend, but this will develop into a bright, transparent colour after the drying process is completed.
MM37 Self Leveling Medium can also be used to create transparent polymer/acrylic layers that can be peeled away and added to mix media artworks, when applied to a non-stick surface such as PP or PPE plastic sheets.
MM37 Self Leveling Medium is of archival quality and can be used over any acrylic painted surface, ideal for high gloss thick glazing and poured marbling techniques. Apply with a brush, palette knife or jug. MM37 can be used as a high gloss varnish if pouring but it must go onto a rigid substrate. Use of a Brush is recommended when varnishing flexible surfaces to avoid “pulling” due to surface tension of the product. In terms of application, one coat of MM37 Self Levelling Medium gives the same finish as approximately two-three layers of a standard acrylic gloss varnish. DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE.