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Jean Haines' first-hand experience of the energising and life-enhancing effects of painting makes her a perfect example of how watercolours can work for you. 

Bestselling international author and artist Jean Haines’ new book takes readers on an exciting journey through painting. Not just a book for artists, this is for anyone looking for a way of enhancing their life and mood through paint. It’s also a way into art for people who have never painted and may even have been told they 'can’t paint’ at an early age. If you love the idea of sitting down and playing with colour and paint as a distraction from the stresses of modern life, then this is the book for you!

All of Jean’s books have promoted the life-enhancing effects of painting, and this is especially relevant in Paint Yourself Positive. Whether you can already paint or not, the aim of the book is for you to create in a way that you find pleasing, increases your self-confidence and leaves you feeling energized. Jean will very soon have you wanting to pick up a paintbrush and start to paint and loving every second of it.

Size: 216x280 mm
Illustrations: 300
Pages: 128

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