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Derivan Chalkboard Paint is an easy to apply, water-based, quality blackboard paint that converts wood, metal or most other surfaces into a blackboard / chalkboard. It is also perfect for giving existing blackboards a new lease of life. Contains no harmful solvents and is suitable for use all around the home. It can be especially useful for artistically-minded infants who find textas and furniture an attractive combination!


Derivan Chalkboard Paint works on any surface that would normally be suitable for water-based acrylics including glass, plastic and wood. All surfaces must be dust-free and clean. If any cracks are present, ensure they are filled and sanded. The smoother the surface, the smoother your chalkboard will be. Although it most surfaces will not require priming, if you do use a primer, see the Surface Preparation page of the Techniques section for details.


This product can be applied with a dry soft bristled or foam brush. Although the consistency of the product is thick, be sure to apply thin coats to avoid excessive brush marks. If a very smooth surface is required the use of a foam paint roller is recommended. Two to three coats are recommended for complete, opaque coverage. Allow paint to dry at least 8 hours between coats for optimal coverage and durability. Be sure to wait at least 48 hours before using chalk on the surface to ensure the product is thoroughly dry. This product is not suitable for mixing with Derivan mediums as its chalkboard qualities may be compromised.


The final finish will be matte with a slightly gritty textured surface. This is due to the nature of the product.

Clean Up

Clean all brushes and spills in warm soapy water.

Chalkboard Use

Regular chalk works well with this product. If you would like to create finer lines and details, dry pastel pencils are also suitable.

Surface Cleaning

A light rub with a damp cloth is recommended to clean the surface and remove any chalk, and also minimises the amount if loose chalk dust. 
Avoid saturating or scrubbing the surface with water regularly as overwashing can compromise the chalkboard finish. 
A traditional blackboard eraser is not effective for use with this product.

Suggested Uses

- Apply Derivan Chalkboard Paint to the inside of a kitchen cupboard or pantry door to for shopping lists.
- Small jars can be given labels with the use of chalkboard paint. Just apply to the outside of a jar. If you want to create a square label shape, use adhesive tape to create a masked boarder, ensuring that the edge of the tape is pressed down firmly. Apply the paint and remove the tape while the paint is still wet to ensure a sharp edged boarder. Allow to dry. This method also works for labelling bottles.
- Small terracotta pots can be painted and labelled according to contents e.g. basil, parsley, etc.
- Jar lids can also be painted and the name of the contents added. 
- Paint the inside of a doorframe and use as a growth chart for your children.
- Cover the surface of an old table with chalkboard paint. If guests are coming around for dinner you could always draw knives and forks with their names in between for use as place cards.
- A child’s door can be covered with chalkboard paint. If you are feeling artistic, you could always draw a picture of the child with the name above. If you feel your chalk portrait abilities are not what they should be then even stick figures can look charming when drawn on a large scale
- An old refrigerator can also be tuned into a chalkboard with few coats of Derivan Chalkboard Paint.
- Paint a canvas board and place in a decorative frame for a work of art that can be changed at the stroke of a damp cloth.

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