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A Medium for Painters who prefer slower drying.

Most artists show a strong preference for fast drying paint but there are some painters who want to slow down the process, so our range includes Classic Medium based on stand oil (modified to be flexible).

This slow drying medium is ideal for thinning paint whilst maintaining a rich, luminous finish once dry. It gives greater control for detail work and longer manipulation time for over-painting, glazing and wet-in-wet techniques. It can be used throughout a long painting process or for slow glazing on top of fast underpainting but fast drying mediums should never be used over the top of Classic Medium. The tension between the paint layers caused by the different drying speeds may be strong enough to crack even Archival.


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MEDIUM ARCHIVAL ODOURLESS CLASSIC 100ML *Hazardous* *While Stocks Last* 04310 More Info MEDIUM ARCHIVAL ODOURLESS CLASSIC 100ML *Hazardous* *While Stocks Last* $9.95 AUD